Friday, July 16, 2010

Didn't really wanna do this, but here goes

It's funny how when I first started this blog, I had no idea that it would last a year with each post for each month. Okay, I was lying, because I have no post for last month, but that was the first time that I did that when I absolutely have nothing to say or share on this blog. That, or I was too lazy to think type, and my brain wasn't in blog mode. But here I am, doing a post that I shouldn't really be doing, because it's quite common for every blogger to do this, especially when they reach their anniversary. But this point in time is very important for me, because in a few days, I would be having my own homecoming, which is also the reason why this blog is named 'Homecoming'.

Now that I think about it, why exactly did I name my site Homecoming, when most of the topics here are from left to right, completely unrelated to each other? I want to make up some excuses now because to be honest, I had coffee a while ago and if I would say something that's not me, that's just the caffeine in me channeling it's message on my blog. And caffeine just told me to not think about the reason why I named this Homecoming, because she would need to rack her brains, thinking for that reason, when I was the one who named it, and not her (I know. I'm crazy. I just considered caffeine to be female. Hey, don't start thinking about some human rights here, I'm not trying to be feminist.). 

I guess I can just do some updates on what's happening on my blog, and why some posts and recaps are taking longer to be posted (and done). Let's see. Detective conan recaps. It's only up to episode three! What the heck Lora! How can you start on something that you won't even finish? My answer: Did I say that I'll finish the recaps? No. And besides, I don't even know what episode it is now, because I've been into Korean dramas lately. I'm even missing out some Japanese dramas because I wanted to finish a lot of Korean dramas. I will only recap what I want to do, because I'm doing this not just for the readers (which is mainly the reason actually), but for some for myself, especially when I have nothing to say or to post. It's a good diversion too, when I run out of thoughts and have a stack of episodes to watch and recap instead. I get to watch it, write some notes, screen cap it, and then edit it again for the final publishing. The same goes for the movies that are on my list to be recapped. 

I just noticed that my rotating banners are kinda getting on my nerves, when I find that most of them were done last year, when I have nothing to do but to play around picnik. I'll do some tonight, when I really have nothing to do, or when the addict in me is longing for an anime to watch, instead of the usual Korean drama that I never get tired of. And updates for them would (hopefully) be posted this weekend, if laziness would leave me alone. But for now, caffeine is going through my veins, and she's killing me, telling me to hit the sack, which I normally shouldn't, because she would usually tell influence me and tell me to watch two episodes first and when the sun is about to shine, that's when I can get to sleep. But anyway, so I can be done with the banner and get a new one, I'll be signing off. Till next post, which I hope would be before my I go back to my original hometown, the place where it all started.