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I started this blog in July 2009 because my sister told me to start writing a blog. And so I did. 

I wrote about whatever that was on my mind. I wrote, I ranted, and I fangirled. Which is pretty much what I still do on this blog today.

I write about my feelings and thoughts. I write about how I feel whenever I visit the Philippines. I write when I'm feeling emotional and nostalgic. 

I rant about anything that upsets me or annoys me. I rant about Philippine politics and its incompetent and corrupt politicians. I rant about Winnipeg and my interesting bus rides. 

I fangirl about Asian dramas, films, actors, anime and manga. I fangirl mostly on Korean and Japanese dramas because they take me away from reality even for just a few hours. I fangirl on period dramas especially film and TV adaptations of Jane Austen's novels.


To keep it short, this blog is my other, personal self while my other, professional self is here

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