Monday, May 30, 2011

person, meet person.

“You're a dandelion seed that flies through the air, and lands randomly, and disappears.” 
   - Swingset Chain, Loquat (It's Yours To Keep)
photo from our backyard

  People meet people everyday but there always comes a time when we lose them and forget that we met that certain person. This person may be a parent, a cousin, a friend, a partner, or anyone who once left a mark in our lives.

  A parent may be a mother or father who abandoned us when we were young; whom we have never met that when they appear again in our lives, the familial feeling is gone. A cousin may be someone we see on holidays, and if you count the holidays in a year, it's not really much. Quick and polite exchanges are made, but other than that, there is not much to discuss because we don't spend enough time with them to actually get to know them. It's a different situation with a friend. Some friends we meet along the way are like that cousin we rarely speak to, that we treat them as acquaintances because you and your friend have a common friend that connects you two together. While some friends, we meet them at one point in our lives and treat them well, but when time and distance interfere, that important friend gradually becomes an acquaintance and someone whom we are not excited to see once again. But there are others, or the special ones, whom we may or may have not known for a long time but we have treasured that friendship so much that our heart will feel incomplete when they are once gone. As for the partner? Just read what I wrote for the friend. But remember, this is not the same with everybody else. For everyone is unique in his or her own way of keeping any relationship alive, and it is up to us if we want to keep the love with that person alive.

  So when you lose someone in your life, either you blame yourself, that other person, or both of you. Time and distance can be deterrents, depending on the circumstances. But in the end, it's really up to us so it's time to forget those list of excuses. Time to face reality.