Monday, September 28, 2009

another Monday morning

You know it's a typical Monday morning when you hear people in your household running around and annoyed at the smallest things. You wake up at the sound of their voices,and endlessly hear their rants and hear their complaints about anything imaginable. Ah, the life in a first-world country. And add to that the slow dropping of the temperature that can be used as an excuse to grumble at the wee hours of the morning.

But really, what do we have to complain? This maybe another typical Monday morning for us at this country, but for the Philippines, at this time of the year, is a new Monday morning for all of them. Everyone must be dreading for another busy and boring Monday but for them, this is a new day that they have been looking forward to ever since the tragedy that occurred Saturday.

Yes, we are only human. We can complain about anything that we want. We complain about Mondays and how we don't want to go to school or see our boss or our annoying colleagues. But once in a while, particularly at this time, we can try to look at the other side of things. We may not like this day, but others must have been welcoming this new day with open arms, for a new dawn has arrived for them and to continue picking up the pieces that were left behind. And that, I think, is something that we should be happy about, even if you wake up in a cold and dark morning.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

putting away our wants

Clips on youtube are being spread around. Facebook is filled with posts on this news. News reports are broadcasted all over the world.

My beloved country, the Philippines, is in need of help. To be on the other side of the country and away from home saddens me; for my fellowmen are coping with this calamity. The typhoon has hit them very badly and all the prayers and any kind of help are needed for them to survive.

An aftermath of this tragedy, the article is from one of the country's network media. (Just to let you know, the Filipino name of this typhoon is 'Ondoy', or more known as Ketsana.)

Most of my relatives are not in danger; although, I still don't know all the details. But the others, my fellow people in the different parts of the city and towns, are in jeopardy.

The damage has been done. The storm has passed. A new day begins. And I know for sure that every Filipino are joining their hands together and helping each other at this time of need. Putting away their hatred and bitterness and giving them their support. 'Bayanihan' is what this trait is called. Something that we will always be proud of.

photo taken(and not hotlinked) from i HEART a LOT.

Friday, September 25, 2009

celebrating their independence

If you're ever in the Philippines at around July every year, you get to be a part of the annual Cinemalaya Film Festival held in Manila. This festival celebrated annually commemorates films and introduces 10 new independent filmmakers. You can get more information here, and it also features the winners and films shown during the festival.

I mentioned in my other post that I like watching Filipino movies. And this is one of them. Let's put aside the fact that I also watch Korean and Japanese movies as well as hollywood movies, because its already a given. For Filipino movies, I like seeing new ones made by creative and imaginative directors and writers. Just what makes a Filipino independent film really different? Well, for me, its the cleverness of it. How they were able to capture the real life of a regular citizen, how they cope on a day-to-day basis, the raw human emotions on each scene, everything is seen on a filmmaker's eyes. What you think is completely boring, would turn out into something very ingenious, which might be a heartbreaker in the end.

To some, this may sound funny, but if you haven't seen a Filipino movie yet, try Magnifico (2003). This movie won awards both national and international. I warn you though, this is a tearjerking movie; if you think you've cried enough while watching it, you'll cry even more after it. This movie revolves on a kid named Magnifico, who is a kind-hearted simpleton who just wants the best for his family. The involvement of his family and neighbors created the homely feel of the movie, which I think shows Filipinos as being family-oriented.

Just try to avoid spoilers though, so it'll be more exciting for you to never expect what will come up next. And please, I didn't link it to wiki as I really want you to avoid any spoiler as much as possible.

I can't think of any other examples yet, as I haven't seen some indie Filipino films lately, but I do hope you'll get to see one in the future. Oh, you could also try 'Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros' (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros), filmed around the streets of Manila seen through this homosexual and growing teenager. You may think this is kind of like a slice of life movie, but I guess you can say that it is, in some way. And it's very interesting, I must say.

But just what is the best thing about these films? Well, its the lessons they convey. You may think that something as simple for a plot wouldn't teach you anything, but in the end, when the credits are rolling, you would start to ponder and contemplate on how it went. So really, if you ever have the time to be around Manila in July, you might just be lucky to catch these movies and enter the creative minds of these filmmakers who have invested themselves just to share it with everyone else. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

princesses of disguise

So I was browsing some sites when I bumped into this one, recommended by another poster on another site that I was always visiting. It looked interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I sort of know some bits of information on Korean culture and society, so I wasn't that surprised when I read the article. But it's disappointing really, to think that people can't be themselves on this country. They can't show who they really are, afraid that they'll be ostracized by the same society that they grew up with.

But then again, I can't really say much about it because it just so happened that this country remains nationalistic and patriotic at this time, even when trades, explorers, wars and conquerors transpired years back.

So I'm going to let you read the article first posted way back in 2003 by Huso Yi.

'Life and Death in Queer Korea'

Like I said, I won't be commenting much on this article, I just wanted to share it with you, to inform you, and to let you know what's happening to them and how this controversial matter is perceived on this country. And also, this topic would bring up a lot of other issues that some may not want to touch on. So, might as well just share this and again, no preaching and persuading, as I respect each and everyone's opinion on this subject.

Friday, September 11, 2009

the model couple

I just wanted to share this lovely and inspiring interview of Martin Honasan and Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, from The 700 Club Asia.

Who on earth are they? Some may ask. First off, they're Filipinos, a married couple, artists, and one of them is a public figure. Brief information: Martin Honasan is the son of the former Senator Gringo Honasan. It's only his father that's well-known, but he carries the last name, so he still carries the name's burden. Not that I have anything against this man. Cause he's the son of a politician and you know I really don't want to talk about it. I'm just saying, he's the son. Barbie Almalbis-Honasan is a singer and songwriter. She was the vocalist of Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, but now she is a solo artist still making her music and providing entertainment to her fans. By the way, they're both Christians, and they have a baby girl named Noa Stina.

I'll add the translations here for the english speakers, but this interview is mostly in english anyway, so I'm sure you won't have much of a problem. And also, you don't have to mind the voiceover because I find her annoying. Really. 

Translations (italicized): 

Martin: (~0:34) Whenever there are fans or a crowd, I like being her shield, like I stand in front of her to guard her. *note: he only said stand in front of her, but that also means that he's guarding her and protecting her.*

female voiceover: (1:18-1:27) Who wouldn't get giddy with this couple? But how did they find out that they were both meant for each other? 

female voiceover: (2:26-2:32) Oh, so they waited. But how will you know if you're ready? *note: kabataan means youth, and using it in english is awkward, but basically the girl is just telling the youth to wait, just like what Martin and Barbie did.*

female voiceover: (3:25-3:32) And now that they are enjoying the life of a married couple, here are the other things they've learned. 

Whew. At least they spoke more english than the mother tongue. Because its hard doing translations and subs, you know, especially if it's an hour long drama series. What do you think though? I posted this interview here on my blog because I wanted to share this with everyone, and I know that some of you may scoff and say that 'No, I don't need God in my life to cement my relationship, thank you very much.' Well I'm not gonna talk about religion here and start preaching the teachings of the Bible. I'm just sharing this video with the hope that some of you would be inspired and touched with their relationship. 

video uploaded by tscacbnasia 
the song Barbie's playing is Untitled(Harana Song) from her album 'Barbie Rocks the Big Dome'

Monday, September 7, 2009

final theme

I already posted on how much I adore Hana Yori Dango, particularly the Japanese version, that has been played countless times on my beloved laptop. 

For those who have seen and loved the Final movie (and installment, thank God! haha. I kid.), I would like to share to you this lovely song translated by Taiji Project, who translates Japanese songs into English.

KissHug by aiko (click to listen here)

Tomodachi da nante ichido mo omotta koto wa nakatta
Anata ni deatta sono hi kara

Kawatte shimatta mono mo aru kedo
Kawaranai koto no hou ga anata mo atashi mo ooi yo

Atsui kaerimichi ni mienaku naru made
Hontou ni chiisaku naru made miteita
Anata ga suki datta no ima mo ima mo

Natsugami ga hoho wo kiru mata toshi o kasanete kitto omoidasu
Anata no kage atashi no kotoba
You Love You Love ah

Mittsume yottsume to kazoeta hoshi no namida ni negau
Anata no soba ni zutto itai

Mada shiranai koto darake no senaka to
Senaka o awasete kikoete kita oto
Kowarete mo shikata nai hodo ni atsui

Hikari ni te o kazashite sukima kara mieta tooriame kagerou
Anata no kage atashi wa omou
You Love You Love ah

Atsui kaerimichi ni mienaku naru made
Hontou ni chiisaku naru made miteita
Anata ga suki datta no ima mo ima mo

Natsugami ga hoho o kiru mata toshi o kasanete kitto omoidasu
Anata no kage atashi no kotoba

Nakigao okotta kao totsuzen kuchibiru ni fureta kuchibiru o
Soba ni iru to chikatta atashi

You Love You Love ah
You Love You Love ah
I Love

I never thought of you as my friend even once
Ever since the day I met you

Some things have changed, but
There are far more things about us both that never will

I watched you walk away in the heat until I couldn't see you anymore
Until you looked too small to see
Because I loved you... I still do, I still do

My summer hair stings my cheek, and as I age another year, I will remember
Your shadow and my words
You love you love ah

I wish on the tears of the stars we counted in threes and fours
To stay by your side forever

I stood with my back to yours, still knowing nothing
And the sound that came to us was so warm,
I couldn't help breaking down

I reached for the light, and in the spaces between the rain and heat haze
I saw your shadow and thought
You love you love ah

I watched you walk away in the heat until I couldn't see you anymore
Until you looked too small to see
Because I loved you... I still do, I still do

My summer hair stings my cheek, and as I age another year, I will remember
Your shadow and my words

Your crying face, your angry face, and the lips that suddenly touched mine
I wished it would all stay by my side forever

You Love You Love ah
You Love You Love ah
I Love

I just never seem to get tired of this song, no matter how many times I listen to it. It was only played once in the movie though, so I assure you its not overused unlike in the series. The soundtrack of the HanaDan series is very, very nice, with the relaxing instrumentals and the catchy vocals. And I'm glad about this insert song, because it really did capture the Domyouji-Makino love. And again, I thank the translator for sharing this song in english. 

If you haven't seen the movie, and if you're not really a fan, it's all right. Not everyone appreciates this series. You're just a human being. 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

my time

Yes, I admit. I watch Filipino movies. I don't just ramble on Japanese and Korean shows, I like some Filipino movies. Especially the old ones. I don't know why, but I'm just fascinated with them even though some of the plots are typical and the same.

I grew up in the 90's, and for me, this was the time when the only shows that were foreign to me were the Dragon Ball series, the Sentai series (Masked Rider Black, UltraMan, Bioman, Shaider to name a few), Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, and all the animes back then that were dubbed in Tagalog and shown in the local television. I didn't care much about Hollywood movies, for I was just learning the English language at school and honestly, I didn't understand them fully before. So I was exposed to media at an early age, where TV played a big part in my life. I would watch dramas after I get home from school, and sometimes I watch a movie with my mom. Don't even get me started on a primetime drama series. A regular Filipino drama lasts months, years even, depending on its popularity.

Animé was very popular during the time when I was growing up. It's still popular in the Philippines, it always has been, and I think it will never fade from the television sets as long as there are kids in every generation. 

So. Back to the movies. Nowadays, I may watch some non-Filipino Asian dramas, but once in a while I check some independent movies that will never fail to amaze me. Some of the plots seem really, really ordinary, like its just part of your daily life, but on a movie maker's perspective, it looks different and artistic. Some movies show the harsh realities of life, while others start the story with something completely normal, but soon picks up as it gets interesting towards the end. Some of the old Filipino movies are nice too, with outstanding performances that would knock you off your feet. Cliched plots will always be there, but sometimes, you just have to be really careful in choosing a perfect Filipino movie. If you ever do get around to watch one, I recommend you watch something that's made in the 90's. Or you can watch some indie movies made by indie filmmakers. And every summer, there is a festival screening all these movies on cultural film centres around the city. Which would bring me to my next post, The Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the end of it all

Not quite, actually. Japan may have ended it, but in the future, there might be more adaptations coming from different parts of Asia. That's where its popular, after all.

As I mentioned before, out of all the three versions released, I adore the Japanese version the most. It was the second version that I saw, and at first, I was a bit hesitant to see it since it wasn't popular in our country back then. And besides, we just went through the Meteor Garden craze, where everything was fresh and the F4 were all good-looking, and now the Japanese F4, meh, not so much. But curisity won me over, and so I was sucked into a whole new world of these rich men. Men, who, in my opinion, are much stronger and powerful than the Taiwanese F4. That's how amazing their acting is. You see that everyone is so engrossed into their own character, that you can't help but think that they were made to play the role. (if you read the manga hundred times, you'll know what I mean.)

So anyway, like I said, I don't really tell stories, but surprisingly, this post is about the last installment of the Japanese version, Hana Yori Dango. And I suppose I'll just talk about it for a few minutes(with no spoilers).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

together forever?

'Hey, I've known you for xxx years. How can I hate you?' Uh huh. In most cases, this is what we usually tell them. But sometimes, this quote from Aesop can be used on these situations.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
What do you think? Actually, sometimes, the time that you spend with someone doesn't matter if you really want to know them. You may be friends with someone for 10 years and yet, not know every single detail about their life. It all depends on a person, really, if they want to open up to you and tell you their darkest secrets. Or if they trust you enough. This is also applicable to a family member that you have known for years and been close to. You have known them for a long time and accepted their imperfections, and these might annoy you, but hey, they are your family after all. And to someone you have known for so long, you treat them as family. 

How do you know if at one point in your life, you become disdainful of one person because of his or her actions and character?  And this hatred that you feel might go away, or be repressed, because you will feel guilty about it, but sooner or later they will show their true selves once again. Would your hatred resurface? And once you see this person's faults, you judge them on what they do. You may ask for forgiveness, for you don't really want to experience this cold feeling especially if you treasure this person. And also, you have known this person very well for a long time, you've seen their true colours, and yet, sometimes, you just can't help but despise them. Which you sincerely hope would vanish someday. 

It's quite amazing and scary on how relationships work. When a person makes a mistake, different feelings arise. The emotions are jumbled all together, confusing one's self on what to show and hide. But it all depends on a person, really, on how they handle it. It's either they make it work and last long (accepting the flaws and all), or end it before a huge conflict happens. But most of all, we have to learn to forgive. That way, the repressed feelings of hatred and contempt would soon fade. It may take long, but at least, effort has been made on your part.