Friday, January 15, 2010

very creative, indeed

So I was browsing the fan photos of a fanpage in Facebook, when I came across one of the funniest and creative pictures I've seen. You might probably not fully understand it if your not a Filipino, but if you are, I'm pretty sure these pictures will crack a smile in your face.

I now introduce you to the Pinoy Transportmers, designed and creatively thought by a Filipino under the name konserns (and this is his website, where he spoofs other movies as well). Now, obviously these are inspired from the movie Transformers, and if you ask me about what I think about this franchise, I think the special effects in the movies were executed very well, as expected of Michael Bay. However though, there are some things that I found disappointing, which I won't go further anymore, so I can proceed to these Transportmers. The word 'transport' (which I think you know what it means) is used because these vehicles are the usual means of transportation of a typical Filipino that you see on the streets. (So some of it may not be of interest to you, or you have no idea what it means, so please pardon the creative works if they don't make sense to you.)

The Auto-todas

Sunday, January 10, 2010

holding on for dear life

How do you face forward when all you can ever see is the past? You want to look at the bright future ahead, but all you can think about is going back to the past that you were once a part of, wanting to belong to a place that you're not sure if you're still accepted. True, the past is what shaped you for who you are now, but you also have to accept that you can never go back to change the way things they are. That's that, and you have nothing to do about it.

Everyone knows that you can't really change the past, or furthermore, go back to the past to change it. People you meet come and go, and, if one day, you lose them and never get a hold of them, who's to blame? My guess is that time did it, for it just comes and goes, not caring in the world who they hurt or affect the most. Hmm, who else is there to blame? The person? I guess so, for time and experience has made the person for who they are now, not who they were before. And time shows up once again to change your life. Sure, the feelings and memories mattered a lot, but that was the past, right? No matter how much you think you know that person, once you've been apart from each other for a long time, when you meet again, everything will be different. Unless, you both held on to it. Not wanting to lose what you have gained, you hold on to it. Distance is one of the biggest factors for ruining a relationship (and not just for couples, I tell you), as some people know, but like I said, it really does depend on whether they want it to work or not. If, at some point, you never wanted it to happen, and things just happened the way they are, who is to blame? Destiny? Fate? His plans? Is that how it works, or the other way around?

Going back to what I was talking about, the past is what makes a person who he is right now. He is different from others because he saw, felt and experienced something that others haven't. He met people that others haven't met, and he thinks this is an advantage on his part, for this is what makes him happy the most. But when the time comes for him to let go of that memory, I guess that would be the time for him to look forward into the future. But he would struggle to retain those memories, for him to not lose his identity and his past. It's hard, but that's just how it is.

I love Paulo Coelho, and I've already read four of his works (which I might write about in the future). I just thought of sharing this quote that I came across when I read Brida a while ago:

Finding one important thing in your life doesn't mean you have to give up all the other important things.

However you want to interpret it. Hope everyone would have a wonderful year ahead. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the usual

I was thinking whether I should post this or not; then I thought, what the heck, I might as well do it, even though I'm six days late. After all, this is a new decade in the 21st century and this doesn't happen very often.

Resolutions were never for me, and now that I think about it, I never really made one in my life. Eh. Who cares. What I am sure though, is that this will be a different year than the rest.

A few days before the last day of the year, I had mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement. Don't some of us feel that way? Scared of what will happen to us in the future? Afraid that things will not turn out the way we want them to be? But then, I'll tell you what some of the people in my life told me: Have fun. Don't think about it; for now, be happy. Face the challenges head on and what's to come, either good or bad. And lastly, enjoy.

This maybe late (and I don't need to remind myself of it), but have yourself a great year, and try not to stumble or fall. If you do, that's alright. You're only human. We're only human. You can always rise up again. And also, have fun.


(posted without permission of my friend's hand)