Named after the blog, this page centres on the Philippinesmy birth countrywhere all posts (whether prominent or mundane) are related to my former homeland. All posts are either personal, academic, or both, because I want to incorporate my studies into the real world so my money won't be wasted and that I wanted to look at the world rationally and narratively. I didn't include some posts that are completely irrelevant to the theme of this page so a reader might be confused if he or she finds a post about the Philippines but not on this page.

Originally this page was for my Reading and Writing online course at University of Winnipeg but I decided to include past posts that are both academic and narrative. But just because this page was inspired by my class doesn't mean that I won't continue it. I may not update my blog often, but I will continue to post entries that are related on this subject.

The posts start from the top to bottom; all you have to do is click on each post and you, the reader, will be taken to another link where you can read the blog posts.

Why I became an anti-Pinoy (April 2010)
A rollercoaster ride (May 2010)
Do the right thing (March 2011)
Will there ever be an epiphany? (April 2011)
Paralysis (July 2011)
What's News? (November 2011)
Coca-cola, pathos, and the Philippines (December 2011)
Technology and Me, A History (January 2012)
Technology and Me, A History: Part II (February 2012)
Technology and Me, A History: Part III (March 2012)
Looking Back (March 2012)
Paralysed and Depressed (March 2012)
Relying on Technology for Communication (April 2012)
An Immigrant's Answer (May 2012)
Welcome (back)! (September 2012)

UPDATE: [August 2014] I won't update this page anymore and leave it as it is.

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