Monday, October 5, 2009

a movie to remember

I have no idea how to start this post. But this is about a 2004 Korean movie that I saw years ago, a movie that has made me shed tears like no other, no matter how many times I see it. That movie is  'A Moment to Remember' or Nae Meorisogui Jiugae (내 머리 속의 지우개), a film by John H. Lee and starred by Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin. The story is about a newly-married couple dealing with Alzheimer's disease that the wife has. The first part is mostly about their meeting and interactions as a new couple, and the second part is about how they dealt with her disease and what the husband feels on this matter.

Some may think that this is another 'Hallyu' movie, since this was made in 2004, when that wave was still fresh to the audience. Some may say that this is very typical and Korean drama-like, where it has a million and one tragedies that you could imagine. It's true, really. And I'll say it again. The woman, played by Son Ye Jin, is sick with Alzheimer's disease. This isn't a spoiler, really, since its already in the synopsis that she's sick. But it's because of this sickness that she meets Jung Woo Sung's character, Chul Soo, and leaves him because of it. And also, I'll try not to post some spoilers, like some of my fave scenes in the movie, and what happens in the end. But just to let you know, at first I was disappointed with the ending, but after seeing it a few more times, I became satisfied with it.

Let's side-track for a bit and talk about those dramas, shall we? The Endless Love season series is very, very 'hallyu'-like. Cancers, child-swapping, abuse, abandonment, amnesia, one-sided love, heart attacks, lost childhood sweethearts, love triangles and anything that goes on in your imagination. It's basically got all the tragedies that you see in a typical drama. Oh, let's not forget Stairway to Heaven, shall we? I'm proud to say that I finished this show, no matter how depressing it was, as it was shown on my television every night. Mind you, you won't just be depressed, you'll get exasperated too. Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo shed a lot of tears on this show, and I give the credits to them. Despite all that though, I think this is what defined the wave and they became more well-known around Asia, or in the Philippines. And I'm not gonna lie, I did like all those shows. I like the Endless Love series, although I don't think I can watch it all over again. And also, just to let you know, I didn't use any Kleenex on those shows. It was only on this movie that I bawled my eyes out every time I watch it.

So how exactly did I get to like this movie, 'A Moment to Remember'? First off, the actors. I first saw Son Ye Jin in 'Endless Love: Summer Scent', and I had a girl-crush on her. I still see her as one of the most beautiful and talented Korean actress today. And she was indeed pretty on this movie. She was a total eyecandy, and it was a treat for me to see her lovely and tender face. So for guys who will see this movie, she won't disappoint you with her charm and looks. Now on to Jung Woo Sung. He is a God. That's all I can say. With his rugged looks, rough attitude and soft eyes, you just can't help but fall in love with him. Women can just stare at him throughout the whole film and still love him. And you'll start to get interested with his other movies, because he's not just pretty, he's talented as well. An amazing man indeed. So what happens when these two lovely actors get together on screen? Chemistry. And they have lots of it. You would really feel the emotions and the love that they have for each other and that's what makes this movie so unforgettable.

I got no problem with the direction and the shots, they were well taken. I have no complaints about it. In fact, I like most of their shots together, and some scenes that makes me want to watch it again and again. Some shots maybe really simple, but Lee makes it memorable by adding his personal touch. The music was compelling, I must say. It makes you hum whenever you hear it all over again. Or you'll get nostalgic, that you'll suddenly remember a tune from the movie and then you'll want to watch that scene again. That's how wonderful the music was.

As for the plot? Well, I became completely satisfied with the ending after watching it a few times, as I find it fulfilling, not just for me, but the characters as well. And again, I warn you. This is a tearjerker, so be sure to prepare yourself for the worse. It has romance, lots of drama and drama. Okay, I know this may sound too much for you, as I've said it many times about this movie, but if you will ever get the chance to watch it, try seeing it when you're in the mood or when you're alone. You might also watch a light and funny show after this. But that never worked for me. Every time I see this and it ends, it still lingers on my mind on how the couple dealt with her disease, and how their relationship grew and matured.

But if you're the kind of person who has seen a lot of movies or series with terminal diseases, you might not be fascinated with this as I was. But hey, I still see this movie even if I know it's tragic. Tragedy can be exciting. It makes life interesting. And too much drama won't hurt once in a while. And when you do watch it, I hope you'll love the characters and the movie as much as I did and everyone else that I know who adore this movie. 

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