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Detective Conan: episode 2

And so a new case begins with our dear Shinichi Kudo who has now turned into a young boy. If it wasn't for a certain part of this episode I would've skipped this, for I find the case very, very shallow. But. The introduction of a new character is important, so I need to include this episode. (Although Conan isn't really a new character for he's still the same person, but I figured, eh. I might as well introduce him.) 

Detective Conan episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case

The police are surprised to find a boy lying in the ground that night in the dark corners of Tropical Land. They asked him if he's alright for he has an injury in the head, and Shinichi was offended to be called a kid. He looked at his clothes and saw they were too big for him. Puzzled, he decided to leave the place.

We see Ran go home and scold her father for drinking again, as usual. She added that this is exactly the reason why his wife left him and why he has no job (Haha). Mouri asks her why she went home alone when she was out with Kudo. She too, was wondering as well where he is right now.

As Shinichi ran home, he saw his reflection on the glass windows of a store. He was surprised and thought that it was probably the drug that those men gave him that made him shrink. Ran was calling his house, hoping to hear from him for it's already late and he's still not home yet. She's worried because he lives by himself now, for his parents went to America three years ago.

When he tried getting inside his house, he ran with Professor Agasa when he saw something explode at next door. Explaining to Dr. Agasa that he was given a drug to shrink, he even used his detective skills for Agasa to believe him before he was taken to the police. 

Back in the Kudo mansion, they were discussing how he turned into a kid and to keep it a secret when Ran came. Frenzied by her arrival, he hid behind a desk where he found his father's eyeglasses (and removed the lens) and wore them. While he was doing that, Ran went to the room herself and went behind the desk when she heard a sound. When she found him, she immediately hugged him for she found him cute and Shinichi had this look that made me LOL. 

She asked who he is, and Agasa said he is his relative's child. When asked for his name, Shinichi saw two books and one was Sir A. Conan Doyle (as they are in the library), and immediately blurted out, 'Conan! My name is Edogawa Conan!' She finds it weird, and thought that he's exactly like Shinichi. Just then, Professor Agasa came up with a brilliant idea: Conan can stay at Ran's house as his parents are in the hospital right now. Shinichi/Conan didn't approve of it, for he's scared that she'll know his real identity, but Agasa persuaded him subtly by saying that he might get news about the whereabouts of the men since her father works in a detective agency.

On the way home, Ran and Conan had this cute conversation about a crush (my favorite part). When he denied that he has one, he became embarrassed (cute). On the other hand, she admitted that she likes someone, and he teased her by saying that it's probably the 'Shinichi guy' she was looking for earlier. And when she said yes, he stopped on his tracks (though she was holding his hand). Then Ran went on explaining why she likes him and he was getting redder and redder while listening to her and at the end of it all, she said, 'I like Shinichi very much!', which made him burn very, very red.  She then told him to keep this a secret (don't worry, Ran, he will. He definitely will.). 

Feeling guilty, he was about to tell her the truth when Kogoro Mouri ran down the stairs and fell on the sidewalk (literally). Turns out, he was offered the first job in six months. A rich man's daughter was kidnapped by men who were in black. (Which made Conan think of the men in black who attacked him a while ago. Come to think of it, it was the same day that he went to Tropical Land with Ran and was attacked by those men. Forget it. I should never think too much in this series unless it's a case.). Anyway, Conan immediately went with Mouri when he hailed a taxi. 

At the client's place, Mouri started interviewing them and when Conan tried to interrupt their conversation, Mouri grabbed his collar and gave him to Ran. The girl's name is Akiko Tani and she was just playing in the garden when a man in black suddenly took her and said to the butler Aso, that "If the master wants to see his daughter again, he should shut down the company for a month.". Conan was once again hit for interfering with the investigation asking if the butler recognized the man's face. However, only Aso's voice was heard when he shouted that the girl was kidnapped.

Mouri concluded that it was a rival company that did this for they are asking for ransom; and while the interrogation was occurring, Conan walked further into the garden and played with a pink ball thinking that it was weird for the kidnapper to risk his life by coming to the house instead of just taking her at school. When he missed the ball, it bounced into the bushes and a dog (Jumbo) almost attacked him so they all rushed to his aide. Seeing how friendly Jumbo is to Conan, Mr. Tani said that he's only friendly to the people in the household. That statement gave Conan a start. 

Aso said that the kidnapper used the pine tree to enter and depart, so the dog should notice it and bark. Jumbo didn't which means that it was the butler who kidnapped Akiko for it was his voice that was heard that time. It took a while for Mouri to comprehend it, then he confronted Aso until he admit it was all his fault. The girl is actually now at a restaurant. Still, some of it doesn't make sense to Conan. There was a phone call for Mr. Tani asking him for the $3 M-ransom. Aso was confused for he thought it was only him who worked alone, so they were all wondering why someone else is asking for money. Turns out, Akiko really was kidnapped and she's at the school's storage room where a big chimney can be seen. Mr. Tani was given an hour to prepare the money.

Conan, thinking that the hostage hasn't been that long ago, rode Jumbo and ran out of the house to look for Akiko, with Ran and Mouri following behind. The two ran around the city, Conan looking for a school that can see a huge chimney from the window. But after going through all of them he thought that there are no schools that can see a chimney. But while he was on the highway, he saw a building that when seen through the side, looks like a chimney. So he and Jumbo hurriedly went there. 

The kidnapper just finished talking to Mr. Tani about the ransom money, and when he was about to shoot Akiko, our two heroes came just in time. Jumbo attacked the kidnapper while Conan released the girl. When Jumbo ran away from the kidnapper (probably because of fear), he went to Conan and hit him with a baseball bat. Of course, Conan can't really fight fair with his shrunken and weak body, so just when he was about to be hit, Ran came to the rescue and gave the kidnapper a triple mega punch with a kick (and this is why you should never mess with her). Our little hero was so amazed with what he saw. Now how exactly did she get there? Well, she followed Jumbo, ran as fast as she could, and went into the gates when she saw the dog going out. And Mouri arrived, claiming that he caught the kidnapper. 

Back in the mansion, Akiko then explained that she was the mastermind of the first kidnapping with the help of Aso because Mr. Tani never had time for her. After that confession from the little girl, Mr. Tani immediately ordered Aso to book a trip for two to Australia (at least he learned a lesson). Mouri took all the credits for saving Akiko, which has added Mouri's already growing ego. But hey, this is what makes him Mouri, and don't be surprised if in the future he takes all of Conan's credits—and be known as the Sleeping Kogoro (more on that later). But only Akiko knows the  truth, for she thanked him and called him 'detective', which caused Ran to ask, and Conan to make an excuse. 

On the way home, Ran is asking Mouri's permission about Conan living with them. At first, he glances at him harshly, like the way he looks at Shinichi with contempt. But then he broke the tension with a laugh, saying that it's because of Conan that he has been able to solve a case easily. He'll not only let the kid live with them, he can even be his son. (Hmm. It's like a premonition already, that Mouri will have Shinichi as his future son-in-law. Sorry. I'm assuming things, and the anime/manga hasn't even ended yet. But still.). After the credits, it shows that Conan went back to primary school again, and we see the three kids that were in the previous episode. 


We see here that Shinichi has finally confirmed Ran's feelings for him, unlike in the first episode where he's wondering what she really feels about him. And when he turned red that time when they were walking home, he's embarrassed, for he feels exactly as her, and at least they have now 'confessed' to us that they like each other. You get to see that Ran is really concerned about Shinichi, and anything that happens to him becomes a worry to her. See, that's one of Ran's qualities that he likes. She values a friend (or a loved one) so much, that her welfare doesn't matter, and that she can also put herself in danger for the sake of that person. She's quite something, isn't she? I think she's a refreshing change from the typical mangas/ animes that you watch where most female partners are damsels (okay, I guess that's mostly in shoujo). Nothing to worry though; you would see her character time and time again, but for now, you can enjoy the blossoming relationship of Ran and Conan. 

Like I said, the case isn't really that complex, there are a lot more hard ones in the future which would sometimes blow you away. As a viewer, I sometimes try to solve the case the same time Conan is doing it but most of the time, he solves it ahead of me before I even say ''Hmm, let's see...". Is there something wrong with me, or it's just that Conan/Shinichi is too smart? 

And this is also the episode where Shinichi is now officially Conan, and we will see more of Conan in the future episodes than Shinichi. So if this would be your first time watching the show, savor the moment that you can see Shinichi just like Ran because he'll be gone most of the time. Of course, he doesn't really like the situation that he's in, and he'll do anything to find the Black Organization to bring him back to his normal body that's why he also agreed to live with the Mouri's. He also wanted to keep this a secret from Ran because he doesn't want to hurt her and let her know of his circumstances for he knows she'll worry more about him. And there would be another reason why he's keeping this a secret from her that will be revealed in the future episodes when he finds out about the organization. Although, after hearing what Ran said to him, would Conan admit who he really is? I don't think so. 

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