Friday, February 4, 2011

Think about the children

I wouldn't consider this a literary piece, only a post that I randomly thought of while reading about the right wing government in a municipality. This one is a really, really quick post, before I dive back into the right wing and finish a novel for tomorrow. And also, I missed my blog. Hence this post.

Think about the children who were born with illiterate parents. It was not their fault that they were brought to this world by these people. Their parents are only human beings, and there is a reason why they are not able to read and write; it maybe because of poverty, an irresponsible government, a war-stricken area, or they are just not cut for education. 

So why were they born then? To help the parents earn more money for the family. 

Do they have a choice? No. They are children. They are powerless. Young. Innocent. And vulnerable. 

But do they really have a choice? If given the chance. The opportunity to wake up at the crack of dawn and walk a few kilometers to school just to learn a new lesson each day. To play with friends and experience the joys of being a student. To be reprimanded by their teacher because it is the teacher's right to differentiate and identify what is right and wrong. To write words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories that are made of their wild imaginations. To read a book that would bring them to a new world of the unknown. To speak words and a language that unites a nation together. And to listen intently to a person and focus on what they are saying and argue if possible. At the end of the day, they'll be going back to their warm homes, walking the same distance that they have walked that morning. Making a few stops here and there, greeting the familiar faces that they pass by. 

Their day doesn't end there. Homework has to be done, or else the teacher would be angry. Aside from the homework, little brother needs to be fed first because the parents are away working. To top it off, the oil lamp ran out of oil so a candle has to be used while reading the assigned homework that is due for tomorrow. 

But what if they are not given a choice? Then it's back to work. Standing under the scorching heat of the sun for a whole day, seeing children who are on their way to and away from school, jealous at them for having the privilege. Would give anything just to take the role of a student once again. 

The late nights? It's the same as going to a party that lasts until dawn. 

The readings that are either on the internet or on a book? Having the internet is like getting a cellphone. It's not unusual anymore. Don't read books? Be grateful they are still printed and there are trees to use. 

The pressure of having to manage time between school, work, home, social life and extracurricular activities? Big deal. There are some children who work in the fields and mountains all day. 

Instructor is not worth the bucks? At least there is someone who's standing in front of you. 

So everytime you feel like giving up, don't. Some still think of education as a privilege, and perceiving it as the worst time of you life, think about the children who are always wishing, wishing under the stars, to their God, to their parents, to the society, to the government, that someday, they would have a chance to go back to school and be a normal kid again.

(Forget revising. I am tired.)

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