Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do the right thing

University has kept me on my toes these days, especially the paper deadlines that I am now used to. Finals are coming up though, so I'll be gone again for a while but I'll try to update this blog every month as much as I can. I still have some pending posts regarding some anime and Japanese films and once I have the time to actually write them, not just jot them, I'll post them up here too. 

Anyway, this would be a really random post; an assortment of ideas that have been running on my head so I just thought I'd share with you. 

By now most of us in the globe are aware of the the Arabic revolutions and disasters striking in the Eastern and South Eastern Pacific. If you have not heard about it at all nor aware of it, then I will ask you: what are you doing on the internet? It's thanks to this technology that people from the Islamic countries are able to post videos or tweets a millisecond faster than a CNN correspondent, transcending time and space. It's a wonder what globalisation has brought to this era. 

Now, for these events, we do not want them to happen. We do not wish for them to happen. But what can we do? Prayers help, that is true, but aside from prayers, if you have anything that you can do, help. Donate. Volunteer. The Red Cross is a wonderful international organization and I'm sure your donation would be a great help and it would go farther than what you expected. And besides, if you're able to buy a small double-double, you can afford to donate something right? And it's not just Red Cross where you can donate to. There are hundreds of groups and medium for you to give. So if you have something you want to give, please do. Someone needs it more than you do.

Now back to the Philippines. I thank my parents because we don't have any Filipino channel at home because we're just not interested. I may have offended a fellow one but that's our choice. My parents are not exactly tech-savvy either, so they can't just turn on the computer to read some news back home. What connects them to the country though, are the local Filipino newspapers circulated for free in the city. And a conversation my dad overhears or is a part of. The thing is, because we don't have these channels on our tv, I am also not aware of every news that are happening in the country. I believe it does have its consequences to me, because I am beginning to break the connection that I have for it. There is still an association, but only because of the memories in that country, but not the government. I do love the Philippines, but only the country as a geographical and tropical country with its lush and unique environment and wildlife that the government should be active in preserving it. Okay I'm digressing too much. 

Here are some pictures Joey Mendoza designed himself, and I'd like to share with my fellow Filipinos and you can post them on your Facebook wall. I got these from Carlos Celdran and I thought about sharing them as well.

Like I told you, this post is scattered, like I just threw them all together to one brew, but if you think about it, it makes sense too (oh hey, they rhyme). 

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