Sunday, June 9, 2013

Japan 2011 Earthquake aftermath

"It felt like it would never end and my friends and I ran outside crying as we waited for the shaking to stop," says Wakana Sato, an earthquake survivor.

On June 1, 2013, the Mirai 3.11 Committee hosted the Mirai 3.11 Benefit Fundraising event at the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (MJCCC).

The committee organized this event for the orphaned children of the Japan 2011 earthquake and to raise awareness of the current state of Fukushima City that the Canadian media does not cover.

There was also an exhibition to show the "Cloth Letters" made by the children from Minamisoma, Fukushima. 

"Two years after the nuclear accident, there are many problems in Fukushima. Honestly, the people of Fukushima are fed up with the slow progress of the repair work. Friends who lived near Sendai Airport and Ishininomaki City are still missing." - Wakana Sato, translated by Azusa Osawa
The event raised a total of $9,000 to be donated to Kodomo Mirai Kikin. If you would like to send your donations please email Atsushi Kawazu at 

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