Sunday, February 14, 2010


I was browsing a realty magazine my mom took after stopping by a bank, and when I reached this page, I scoffed. Seriously? They're actually selling these t-shirts? So let me show you what it looks like so you can understand what I mean (Please pardon the feeble attempts, whatever you think they are.). 

So the advertiser is a local radio station, and I have nothing against them, for the record. Red Cross is also one of the best organizations in the world, so contempt for them is not felt either. But what irks me is the shirt. I mean, really. Whoever thought of designing the shirt like this must be joking. I ♥ Haiti? I HEART HAITI? Are you serious? Why would you even print something like this, when most North Americans (okay, probably the world, as it's applicable) don't even know what their situation was before the earthquake. I admit, I have never even heard of Haiti in my whole life, but I do have some knowledge in geography that some people don't (no offense, but that's true). I think this is a very good cause of course, selling clothes with the money proceeding to the Canadian Red Cross. But selling it with this design? It's just stupid. Like what I blurted out after seeing this ad, "This is BS. This is complete and utterly BS.". Pardon the language, but that's what I feel. Okay, for me, I would never wear this shirt, even if someone paid me a hundred dollars, or if someone bought it for me, for it would make me a hypocrite. A country I've never heard of before in my whole life undergoes a terrible ordeal, and for helping them, I get to wear this shirt that proclaims my love for them. *sigh* To you, whoever thought of doing this, I'm disappointed. Another print could've been better, like, "Let's help Haiti", "Give some love to Haiti", "Haiti needs you", or "Stop saying FML, think about Haiti", that sort of message. It doesn't come as patronizing and hypocrisy, which I think is what the message "I Haiti" implies, especially if you're not a Haitian.

What kind of message does it convey when you wear a shirt that says " I a certain country or place" anyway? Doesn't it mean that you're showing your love for that country? That you're trying to be nationalistic or patriotic of your own country, that you're proud to be one of them, to belong in this race or nation? Or, if you're from a different race, you still have the freedom to wear a shirt about another country because you like it's culture, people, and history. That you're very interested, and would like to know more about them, to be a part of their people. You care for their welfare, and your love for the country is the same as how much you love yours. So for wearing this shirt that they're selling, you would like to know more about them, you're trying to be a part of their culture, a nationalist who appreciates the country of Haiti, when you've never even heard of them before in your whole life until the earthquake happened. I would understand if a person who's wearing (or buying) this is aware of Haiti, of their situation, and is concerned of them. But, if you really want to help them, there are millions of ways to do that as we all know, not just by adding another piece of clothing in your bulging closet. I just can't see the point in doing this, unless you really want people to think you're a humanitarian. 

Now, I'm done with this matter, I've released my rants and frustrations, so I can be at peace and get on with another. Oh hey, now that I think about it, they probably designed this just in time for Valentines day. It is after all, today, and it might just mean that you want to show your love for Haiti, with no underlying meaning whatsoever. Please. Who am I kidding. And who are you kidding. 

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone. Tigers, its your year. Dragon, I'll be waiting for you in two years. And Canadians, wasn't the Winter Olympics opening last Friday night awesome? 

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