Monday, September 13, 2010

Wish I was there

For those who are reading or who came upon this blog, updates will be on hiatus, as much as I don't want to say it. Life can be cruel sometimes, but we have to face facts. Because aside from this blog, I have what most people call life, and unfortunately for me, life took my time and away from this blog (not that I always updated this blog, it was very rare as well, so what was the point of this, right?). 

I'm just sayin', that life is taking too much of my time nowadays, unlike before when I was able to sit around all day and travel to the fourth dimension. But fret not, for once in a while, in my spare time, I would be able to update this blog and maybe add some new stuff here when I decide to be more productive and exercise my writing skill on paper (and have it published. That is, if the editor allows it. Or if I join them first.). 

See, I really have nothing to say anymore. Oh, here's one: for anyone who's anticipating the Detective Conan recaps (if there is one), like I said before, I won't be doing all the episodes, just the ones that I really like. For some movies, I'll try to see what I can do, and if I really like a movie that I've seen, then I'll try to post them here. I was actually thinking of posting Season of Good Rain or A Good Rain Knows When to Come but maybe I might do it when I have more time later. Maybe during the winter break, but I can't promise that. I said I'll just try. For the period dramas that are on my long list-to-watch, they will be watched, and hopefully be posted here. 

Speaking of period dramas, I have a confession to make: I still haven't read North & South. I know! I'm sorry. I should have finished this early this year, but other addictions took my time away, and... there you go. And I did mention that I wanted to write something about the book and the series. I am working on the series, but I'm still in the process of doing it, which would take longer than I expected. 

So that's that, everything is not making sense anymore, so I better hit the books.

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