Thursday, October 28, 2010

blog update

Just a small change that I made on my blog; since July 2009 my username has been luraaa, and I just changed it a while ago, into my real name, Lora. I'm not sure why, but I was thinking that I should use my real name when on this blog because there's nothing wrong in using my birth name. I may have the same name as others (I have met two people who have the same spelling as mine), and I don't mind using it on this blog. I'm pretty sure someone won't be able to steal my identity just by posting my real name here anyway. This blog is also linked from my Facebook profile, so people who know me have an idea of who I am. 

So like I said, just a blog update, nothing too big. I always make changes on the layout every now and then, if I decide that I'm too tired of using this or that feature. By the way, I know a lot of people who have a Tumblr, and if you ask me, I have no interest in signing up for that and have another blog to keep track of. Their tagline says that it's "The easiest way to blog", but for me, I'm happy with this site, and I know that they'll keep improving to make their bloggers happy. And I am, really, and I wasn't paid by blogger to say this just to suck up to them. 

With that said, it's almost November, and you know what that means: Harry Potter.

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