Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello world!

Hello! I'm back!

(And by back, I mean, I'm back to my old self.)

If you're wondering where I've been, well, I went to college for two years. College took over me and my life, so when it ended, I had to reset and start over again.

I've been doing some soul searching lately (pfft, more like a year already), and through my soul searching, I've realized a few things.

There was one point in college where I was completely lost. I had no idea who I was, what I was doing, and what I was gonna do with my life. I was trying to be someone that I'm not. And I think that was when everything fell apart.

Then it hit me. The only way for me to know myself was to know the person I was before. So I looked back. I looked all the way back--in high school and grade school. 

So now I'm in the process of getting my old self back. It'll take a while, but it'll be worth it. I'm not the same person I was five years ago; I've changed. I won't be able to return to my old self, but I could get pieces and fragments of that old self that I lost throughout my journey. Those fragments were a part of me and I could never take them out of me. I am who I am today because of my past. 

And sometimes, the only way to move forward is to look back and learn from it. 


Urbandub - "Soul Searching"

I've been a fan of Urbandub since 2005. They remind me of the times when I used to go to bars or schools to watch concerts. Nine years later and I still like them. Their songs still resonate to me. They have grown as a band, and I have grown as a person. A lot has happened in nine years. 

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