Sunday, August 3, 2014

Slow and steady

I'm finally getting back to the grind. It doesn't matter if it's slow and steady -- I'll do things at my own pace because I know that that's when I'm making and doing the right decisions. 

I've made a lot of mistakes on this journey, but now that I'm slowly (and finally!) getting back on my feet, the path is getting clearer for me. Things are beginning to make sense. 


I'm talking about my blogs, of course (pffft). I've left my Homecoming blog far too long that tonight, I realized that I should really do something about it.

It also helps that my coworker (who's now a good friend) writes a blog and he updates it regularly (and that I get jealous because he's really motivated and I'm not). It also helps that my coworker is a good example and motivation for me to do my best too. And it also helps that another one of my coworker (who's also now a good friend) volunteered to motivate me whenever I feel lost. 

These are the types of people we should surround ourselves with. Motivated and hardworking people. Just a positive environment. And good vibes everyday. 

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