Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm a college student~!

   So I came home last week from a trip to see the Canadian Rockies and because of it, I lived in fantasy for the next couple of days until I had to go back to reality last weekend. And when I did go back to reality, I was shocked.

   I'm now a college student. I can now access the student portals and email. I have a timetable of my course schedule for the term. I want to cry and laugh at the same time because it still feels surreal. I'm not a university student anymore. Technically, I'm still a university student because I'm in a Joint Degree Program, but in the next two academic years, I'll be a college student. Unless there are spring courses available at the university, then I can go back to being a university student. But... a college student. I know it's only been two years that I went to university, but I'm already used to the campus that I find it hard to let go. And when I saw the college's library, I first thought about going to the university library instead of the college's because I already have a spot in the university library. And I know this wouldn't make sense to some people (that is, the fact that I'm only going to college instead of university) but there are people that find it hard to let go of something especially if he or she finds have become accustomed to the place and afraid of change. Change is inevitable, I've heard it so many times, but now, this is something that I don't want to let go yet.

   Now that I have two weeks left, I have to get ready. No more Asian dramas, manga, anime, fiction books, and summer trips. I'm back to the real world. T.T

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