Thursday, August 13, 2009

disgusting yet delicious

Why is it that when Filipinos eat balut, we can't help but love it. But when we look at it from a picture, we can't help but be disgusted by it. Being away from my home country has made me miss a lot, even the little things that I rarely notice in my everyday life back home. I can't remember when was the last time I ate balut, but I'm pretty sure it was years ago. So just imagine how surprised I was to see this delicacy when we went somewhere over the weekend with my Tito (eng:Uncle) who bought it from an Asian food store.

For some, this is what balut means. Funny thing is, while I was browsing through different sites, I stumbled upon this one, wherein balut is one of The 6 most terrifying foods in the world. Well, I've got nothing to say about it, since I have been eating this my whole life, even though my mom did explain to me what it was when I was a kid. Guess my Filipino blood (and hunger) just took over my innocent conscience back then because I have no regrets in eating this food, and I will continue eating it.

Ok, I'll try to be in the middle here and see why some people are so grossed out by just looking at it, much more eating it. For someone who's been eating this my whole life, I could say that I've gotten so used to it that I don't really care even if I examine it before eating. Now, as for those who have never imagined the thought of it, I guess its just normal to be repulsed because they have never seen it as food, and even if they tried it, they would still be disgusted as they have never imagined eating something that should've been alive someday. I know what it feels like because I do eat different dishes sometimes (or it depends on the situation). And I have tasted one before (not gonna mention what it is), and I was so disgusted by it, because it reminded me of an animal, even though its not. But its not as gross as balut, as some thinks and I could probably eat that country's delicacy again, but I'm not sure when that will be.

The two B's: Budweiser and Balut
note: I took this pic on my own, Budweiser did not pay me in any way to post it in my blog. (I'm just saying, in case you're wondering.)

disgusting, eh? but wait till you eat it.
reminds me of joe rogen when he says, 'mmm... nasty!'
by the way, to my fellow Filipinos, my mom said this is a balut penoy, that's why it doesn't have sabaw. pity, eh? it's even tastier and more delicious if it has 'juice'. it looks disgusting, right? I took this while I was eating it with my family and I showed them the pic. they were disgusted, but not enough to stop them from eating it at that time.

Oftentimes I wonder, how much does balut cost nowadays? Word of warning though. This food has cholesterol written all over it, and if you still want to extend your life, then eating this once in a while wouldn't hurt.

oint is, we just have to accept that everyone comes from different backgrounds and cultures and customs, and it doesn't hurt to try them once, to experience their unique delicacies that you never thought were edible. But again, it all depends on you if you want to try it or not. Cause its not like we're in Fear Factor or anything and you'll do whatever it takes to get your hands on that cash. It's just all for the experience.

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